Walkthrough: Using Github’s “Saved Replies” to make life consistent and easy

Paul Cullen Rowe
3 min readJan 19, 2017

Github has a functionality called “Saved Replies”, which injects prewritten text into comments, Pull Requests, basically anything formatted with a text box.

This is extremely useful when we’re trying to be consistent with formatting.

Lets add a “Saved Reply” for a consistent Pull Request format.

Creating a “Saved Reply”

On any PR, comment, or conversation on a Github repository, click a text box or start entering a comment.

The text box will open up, and in the top right, click the arrow.

In the dropdown, click “Add a Saved Reply”.

This will open up this page:

Title the reply “PR” or “Pull Request”, and add your own template for your Pull Request in markdown format. Here’s an example of what mine looks like:

## Summary
## Adds the Following- ## Reworks the Following- ## Commit Messages-

It should now look like this:

Click “Preview” to make sure that it looks correct:

Finally, if everything looks correct, click the green “Add Saved Reply” button. Congrats, you’ve got it saved! Now to put it to use.

Using Saved Replies

When opening a Pull Request and entering your description, click the same arrow in the top right:

Select your new Saved Reply

This will autofill the text box!

Now enter in details as necessary, in markdown format. Here’s an example that even uses a code block in the summary:

Click preview to make sure it looks right. This example formats to this:

Now, click “Create Pull Request”, or add comment, or whatever you decide to use this in. This feature is basically anywhere in Github code that includes a text box!



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