Senior Software Engineer at Skookum. Adrenaline Junkie. Build, Break, Boom.


  • Khaled Ali

    Khaled Ali

  • Alessandro Lepri

    Alessandro Lepri

    Coding has taught me a valuable lesson: to stay curious and keep a lifelong learning approach to anything I do.

  • Aubrey Wullschleger

    Aubrey Wullschleger

    I do things sometimes.

  • Eugene Skinner

    Eugene Skinner

    There aren't any birds here on twitter...

  • Dashon Jamal Hawkins

    Dashon Jamal Hawkins

    Full stack Javascript developer that specializes in JAMstack, Headless CMS, Serverless, & Progressive Web Apps. (Gatsbyjs, Next, GraphQL, FaunaDB, NodeJS, etc.)

  • Andrew Jaswa

    Andrew Jaswa

    I like Cheese.

  • Dan Morrisett

    Dan Morrisett

    gSchool student, full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer

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