Senior Software Engineer at Skookum. Adrenaline Junkie. Build, Break, Boom.
Of course, we don’t review code while walking down the hall. Yes, this is staged. There isn’t even coffee in that cup.

Code review is the most effective teaching tool for onboarding team members, upskilling newer developers, and becoming an expert on the product and technology.

But it isn’t effective if you breeze through it.

Code Review should take a good amount of time, longer than you’re probably comfortable with. The reviewer…

Git’s been a bear for our dev team to use, mostly because its got lots of little caveats, confusing vocabulary, and its not really visual at all.

So I created this little walkthrough. Lets build a house, and use the git workflow to do it.

The Basics

Lets call this gray box…

Paul Cullen Rowe

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